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Greece enjoys minimal restrictions in terms of tourist and business travellers.  However, you are encouraged to make relevant enquiries regarding visa / travel from the origin of your country.

There are numerous hotels in and around the Conference venue and the centre of Chania.  The Conference organisers have agreed a reduced rates for the delegates attending the Conference for staying at the venue hotel.  Download accommodation booking form.

a. Luxurious stonehouses can host a limited number of participants (approximately 10 stonehouses) for the price of 70€ per stonehouse. Each stonehouse consists of a two level traditional apartment with a double bed in the upper level and a lounge with one or two single beds in the lower level (sofa beds). A Kitchenette and T. V. are available in all stonehouses.

b. The student dormitories can accommodate participants in single or double rooms (bunk bed) with private facilities in the price of 30€ and 42 € per day breakfast included.  Approximately 5 attics in the student dormitories building are also available. The attic is a two level room with a double mattress in the upper level and a single bed, refrigerator and T. V. in the lower level (private facilities). The price per attic is 50 € per day breakfast included.

All the above rooms are air-conditioned have telephone and free internet access

and the prices quoted includes Taxes and Breakfast.